You, your family, or your company/organization can be a part of this cultural landmark, through the following sponsorship opportunities.

By purchasing one of these unique items, you are helping to make this project a reality, enabling this sculpture in Vancouver’s Stanley Park and the documentary film of this cross-cultural collaboration.

Sponsor On-Site Granite Pathway Bricks

A beautiful granite walkway will surround the sculpture, using 4″x 8″ or 8″x 8″ engraved stones. Each brick can be engraved with your own personal message.

Brick sponsorships are currently not available, but may be resumed in the future.

The Fine Art Print

Designed and signed by Luke Marston, a special Shore to Shore limited-edition silkscreen print is available, a rendition of the Portuguese and Coast Salish stone mosaic that will be installed around the sculpture.

At the centre of the artwork is an eagle’s head, representing both the Coast Salish and the Azores Bird. Behind the head is a faint image of the Portuguese crest. The surrounding wave design depicts the ocean as it connects from the shores of Pico Island to the North Shore of Vancouver.

22″ by 22″ Silkscreen Print. Limited to 400 Copies.

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Plaque of Honour

Sponsors who donate major contribitions will be recognized on a permanent “Plaque of Honour”. The plaque will be located alongside the bronze sculpture in Stanley Park, visited by more than eight million people annually.

Contact Luke Marston directly at 250-755-5799 or to discuss this level of sponsorship.

The ‘Unity’ Bronze Eagle Head

The “Unity” eagle head will crown the cod lure of the Shore to Shore sculpture in Stanley Park. From the same cast, a very limited bronze is available to significant sponsors.

To Luke Marston, the eagle symbolizes soaring to the highest of heights and reaching the highest of goals. It is a symbol of prestige and honour, and is responsible for carrying prayers to the Creator.

This intends to build unity among different cultures. Echoing the ways of our grandparents, and looking past the barriers of racism and colour, we can create new partnerships between Native, Portuguese and other non-native communities.

Contact Luke Marston directly at 250-755-5799 or to discuss this level of sponsorship.